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PhD-defence Morten Hvenegaard

Morten Hvenegaard defends his PhD-thesis:

“Group Rumination-focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy versus traditional Group. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Major Depression: a randomized controlled trial”

Read the summary of the thesis here.


Thursday the 6th April 2017 14:00. Kindly note that the defense will start precisely at the announced time.


Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Øster Farimagsgade 5, room CSS 25.01.53, 1353 Copenhagen K.

Assessment Committee:

  • Professor MSO Barbara Hoff Esbjørn (chair), Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Professor Michelle Moulds, School of Psychology, UNSW Sydney, Australia.
  • Professor Maria Tillfors, Örebro University, Sweden.

The Thesis will be available for reading at the Library of Social Science, Gothersgade 140, 1353 Copenhagen K.

After the defence the department hosts a reception for Morten Hvenegaard.