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CHACDOC symposium: Creativity and Imitation in Childhood 

Mariane Hedegaard and Marilyn Fleer would like to invite you to attend a CHACDOC symposium at the University of Copenhagen. CHACDOC (Cultural-historical approaches to children's development and childhood) is a Section within ISCAR which specifically examines activity theory and cultural-historical psychology in relation to the study of children's lives and their environment.

The theme of the symposium is: Creativity and imitation in childhood.

The meeting will begin at 1.30 pm. on the 26th of March and will conclude at 5.00 pm.
on the 27th of March.

Address of the event:

Department of Psychology,
Copenhagen University,
Østre Farigmagsgade 2A,
Copenhagen K (postcode 1353).

Both the train and the subway leave directly from the airport to Nørreport station, a 5 minutes walk to the department.

Plan for the symposium:

On the first day we have invited Professors Fernando Gonzales Rey, Gennady Kravtsov, Elena Kravtsova, and Vladimir Zinchenko to present papers on motives, emotions and values. These will become chapters in a book to be published at Cambridge Univerity Press entitled: Motives, Emotions and Values in the Development of Children and Young People (edited by Mariane Hedegaard, Anne Edwards, and Marilyn Fleer). We will then join them for dinner in the evening.

On the second day of the meeting of CHACDOC the theme of the program will be featured. We will begin with presentations by professor Karin Aronsson, professor Elena Kravtsova and professor Bert van Oers, followed by poster presentations by other delegates.

Download programme.


If you wish to attend this event, you will need to send a registration note to Jan Majfred ( and pay the registration fee before. Participation is limited to 40 persons.

The cost of attendance is 500 DKK.
This includes dinner on the 26th, lunch on 27th and tea and coffee on both days.

Payment must be sent to the Danske Bank IBAN-Code: DK 413 000 4115 212 125
Please put your name and "project 29373" with the bank payment so we can identify your payment. Registrations and payments must be received by March 5th 2010.
NB: You cannot participate without payment.

Practical questions also have to be addressed to Jan Majfred.

Participants must be ISCAR members. To become a member of ISCAR simply go to the membership section of ISCAR.ORG and register your membership (cost is US$25 for 12 months).

If you would like to present a poster at this event, please send your proposed title and abstract to both Mariane Hedegaard ( and Marilyn Fleer ( before February 1st. The abstract has to be related to the theme of the conference (please note places are limited for presentations; there will be room for maximum of 6 presentations).


Accommodation can be reserved at Hotel Kong Arthur, Nørre Søgade 11, 1370 København K (4-5 minutes walk to the conference place).The price is 925 DKK pr night provided the booking is made through the University booking. You can make the reservation by using the slip below and send this to

A cheap alternative is to make reservation at hotel CABINN Scandinavia (price 485 to 545 DKK pr night) Vodroffsvej 55 - 1900 Frederiksberg (12-15 minutes walk to the conference place)


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