Arrangementer – Københavns Universitet

01.10.14 Workshop on the challenges of organisational change               

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This fall we organised a workshop with psychologist and researcher, Rona Hart from East London University. She has a PhD in Education and her research is revolving around  "the psychology of changes". She will present interesting research about the challenges of organisational changes and how workers survive and deal with these:



Surviving and thriving through organisational change

                - emotional-intelligence, meaning, performance and well-being"


Change is becoming an ever-present feature of organisational life, and is necessary for maintaining relevance and competitive advantage in the marketplace. While many organisations appreciate the need for change, as many as 70% of the change programmes do not achieve their intended outcomes.  The reason, in most cases, is that staff resist change, and find it difficult to adapt. Consequently, change is often accompanied by lower performance, loss of motivation and commitment, higher absenteeism and early departures. It is also accompanied by high levels of employee stress.

In this workshop we will explore the effects of organisational change on employees' performance and wellbeing. We will also examine the importance of collective meaning making processes in times of organisational turbulence, and how managers can use emotional intelligence and mindfulness tools to reduce stress and help their employees survive and thrive through organisational change.

The workshop will took place Wednesday the 1st of October, from 13:00 to 16:00 in the canteen at the Department of Psychology, Øster Farimagsgade 2A, 2nd floor.  




13.05.14 Theme meeting on social relations

This was the first (and successful!) event arranged by Center for research in social relations in the workplace. Three researchers shared their knowlegde on social relations with us. In general the presentations dealt with social relations regarding health, aging and social capital. The presentations are available as PDF-files here.