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Moving art - Philosophical and Pscyhological Explorations


Art moves us by eliciting intense experiences that go beyond reflection and formal language. It unfolds in the dimension of the pre-reflective, which in philosophy and psychology has been described as the origin of all consciousness and reflective thinking.

Basing aesthetic experience on our pre-reflective, that is our affective, bodily, and moving being leads to an exploration of the impact of art at the level of sensation, pulsation, rhythm, and gesture. At this symposium we question how art can affect us in terms of empathy, rhythm, and living presence; diaphanous forces of sensation immanent to both our everyday experience and experiences with art.


  • Brian Massumi,
  • Erin Manning,
  • Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht,
  • Mark Freeman,
  • Richard Shusterman,
  • Jannik Mosekjær Hansen,
  • Kasper Levin,
  • Simon Høffding,
  • Tone Roald


31 August – 1 September 2018


Copenhagen, Denmark
(Specific venue TBA)


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The symposium is organized by the research group on Aesthetic Experience and the Pre-Reflective Self. Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen.